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Friday, February 13, 2009

cotton beach 2

Don't leave the island without...
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Boracay has made itself to be known for many things. The shopping experience has something for everyone. We bought two pairs of islanders over expensive havaianas, I think D'Mall is complete with anything you'll need to supplement your stay and they've souvenirs to buy for pasalubong to people back home. Also, there are many great restaurants to choose from at D'Mall. We tried the choriburger/ chorizo burger at the beach but you should try the Real Coffee's sandwiches, True Foods' Indian cuisine, Aria's Italian food, Cyma's Greek delicacies, and the buffet at Sea Wind.

We walked on the 7km white sand beaches that separated the crystal blue waters and the lush hilly landscapes. We'd Jonah's and Jony's famed fruit shakes while sauntering under the sun. Along the beach, Doug decided to try the masseuse under the coconut trees and I'd mine inside the hotel. They can give you a very relaxing massage in your hotel room or even right there under the sun. The massages are very affordable as well.

Nightlife in Boracay is ushered in with a panoramic sunset. Suddenly the beachfront is alive with bar music, dining, and drinking. We'd dinner and bar at Nigi Nigi Too located in the very center of White Beach. They served us with some of the fresh seafood and disturbingly we're told that these are sourced as far as southern Mindanao. What had happened to the sorrounding seas? Why it couldn't give us seafood? To my mind it somehow answered the 50 pesos environment fee collected per guest at the quay.
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Boracay Hotels said...

I liked the way how to write your article. There a good atmosphere there, mostly at nightlife, and there more things to do. Hopefully you can resize your photos, to see it clearly.

Tanya Gemarin

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