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Thursday, January 8, 2009

mamma mia!

The movie is a giant showcase of ABBA tunes, but add some gorgeous scenery from a seaside cliff in Greece, impeccable comedic timing, a somewhat predictable yet honest plot, well done choreography, and you have the hit of the summer. If you like ABBA, you'll love the movie. If you aren't an ABBA fan, you'll become one.

The movie begins at a scenic bed/breakfast owned by Donna, (Meryl Streep) as her 20-year-old daughter, Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) plans her wedding day.

Donna had a summer romance 20 years ago and gave birth to Sophie with the father being any of three men. Sophie decides to secretly invite all three, one of which is Sam, (Pierce Brosnan) in hopes she'll find her father who can give her away.

Sophie doesn't tell her mother and thus begins the funny storyline with a lot of energetic singing and dancing as the audience wishes they were a part of the movie rather than a spectator.
By far the best singer in the movie is newcomer Amanda Seyfried. Meryl Streep does a respectable job in her singing debut, emotionally putting herself into the role as we would expect. Her gal pals, Tanya and Rosie were wonderfully cast as well. Conversely, Pierce Brosnan would not have scored points with Simon on Idol. He seemed stoic during his singing attempts, obviously ill suited for this part.

The movie takes an unexpected twist at the end, but throughout you'll be smiling and laughing inspired by the passion and love of life which nearly leaps off the screen leaving you wishing you were "The Dancing Queen."


mega said...

what can I say? meryl streep singing "dancing queen" and "the winner takes it all" simply leaves me breathless...

Coldflame said...

yap!we're all 'dancing quuens?'... hehehe

mega said...

I had it played during the during the homecoming and everybody rushed to the dance floor.. we really had a grand time.. sayang wa ka didto.

mega said...

I had it played during the homecoming, everybody rushed to the dancefloor.lolz.. We had a grand time. Sayang wa ka didto..

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